The Asset Pegged Coin



OZEETY (OZTG), the core of Flash Group ecosystem, it’s a proof-of-stake blockchain platform designed to deliver a “utility asset-pegged coin” with a reduced velocity, to enable mainstream usage. OZEETY fits perfectly with Flash Group’s mantra “Financial Inclusion and Beyond”. The OZEETY’s PoS Masternode and mobile node staking rewards is truly an exceptional safe DeFi yield farming solution.

The objectives and goals of this project are to make the OZEETY blockchain the cornerstone of the Flash Group’s end to end Fintech ecosystem, supported with real groundbreaking hardware and software based solutions consisting of:

Biometric, cold storage, all-in-one smart card


Who Is Behind OZEETY?

Serge Maurice Lobreau
Serge Maurice Lobreau
CEO & Founder of Flash Group
Founder & Chairman at SAPIAN GROUP

OZEETY was founded by Serge Maurice Lobreau, CEO & Founder of Flash Group, as a pioneer in the first Gold Pegged ICO in 2017, raising $72M via an asset Pegged token in May 2018. He is also Chairman and Founder of Sapian Group.

In an interview for Flashgroupnews, Serge Maurice Lobreau said that he got involved in cryptocurrencies back in 2010, when he was still working in the banking industry. DLT has been an “epiphany” for him when he started in mining and trading. After leaving his position in the financial banking industry, he worked for 3 years to complete his vision and further develop his solution. During his travels to South America, Asia and East Africa he witnessed numerous examples of NON financial inclusion that a significant part of humanity is facing.

As well as being a Fintech entrepreneur, Serge Maurice Lobréau is also involved in humanitarian actions through his foundation Flashcare. In 2020, his Holding company donated OZTG worth $250,000 to finance the creation of 10 solar solutions for isolated sites, in order to be able to provide drinkable water and solar energy.

What Makes OZEETY Unique?

OZEETY is one of very few blockchains to use proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is more energy efficient than the proof-of-work algorithm relied upon by Bitcoin, along with an enhanced privacy based protocol implementation with a self-funding treasury system, ensuring its sustainability.

How Many OZEETY (OZTG) Coins Are There in Circulation?

There is a maximum supply of 730 Million OZTG — but at the time of writing, there was a circulating supply of about 667 Million. 3 rounds of public sales of OZEETY tokens were held between October 2017 and June 2018.

Overall, about 30% of OZTG’s total supply went to the development project’s team, with the remaining 70% being split among investors.

How Is the OZEETY Network Secured?

OZEETY is secured by design because of masternodes and nodes distribution. The POS consensus is energy efficient because less power is required to power the network. This is further supported by the privacy based protocol implementation with enhancements on the blockchain.

The incentive mechanism enables participants rights to receive rewards for their involvement, whether they are just staking OZTG coins or they are running a Masternode.


Where Can You Buy OZEETY (OZTG)?

As one of the few utility asset-pegged cryptocurrencies in the world, you will not find OZTG on many exchanges, because of the speculative mentality ruling those exchanges! You will find OZTG on FlashXchanger, which is an exchange dedicated to asset-backed/asset-pegged coins or any coin with tangible assets. It will also be available on a few other exchanges, with a different vision than the ones who govern major exchanges. The other major reason for this is to maintain the intrinsic value of the asset pegged coin and liquidity control by a limited set of exchanges and not be manipulated by the “whales”.

If you’re struggling to find a trading pair that unites OZTG with your local currency, check out OZEETY Discord channel HERE

Flash Group and Sapian Group truly are creating a complete ecosystem of hardware and software based solutions to enable Financial Inclusion and beyond whilst delivering several wealth creation and management products and services.