OZTG is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, with many features not available in most other cryptocurrencies.

Anonymized transactions using coin mixing technology, we call it Obfuscation.

Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, we call it SwiftTX.

Decentralized blockchain voting providing for consensus based advancement of the current Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide the above features, each Masternode is secured with collateral of 10K OZTG


A privacy
Gold-Pegged coin

OZTG is a privacy gold-pegged coin minted
through our OZEETY Blockchain using proof of-
stake (PoS) and Zerocoin-proof-of-stake
(ZPoS) hybrid consensus algorithm, allowing
anonymous transactions.


OZEETY is extremely challenged, theoretically
capable of high transaction speeds, with
blocks processed approximately every 30
seconds. OZTG is faster and suitable for a
payment transaction with extreme privacy.

Hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake systems

OZTG goal is to capture the benefits of
POW and POS and use them to balanceeach other's weaknesses.