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Light Desktop Wallet flashgroup
Light Desktop Wallet flashgroup

Reward System


The Cold/Hot wallets strategy

The right strategy to have with OZEETY blockchain is a mixed one.

By proposing a Core Wallet to their validators, OZEETY blockchain enables a fast earning stake method which is a very democratic way to distribute reward.


Receive 5 OZTG as stake reward every 2 minutes

By installing Ozeety Core Wallet and holding OZTG you will receive 5 OZTG as stake reward every 2 minutes!

The Core Wallet contains your private key and can be considered as Cold storage. In a few weeks, when the OZT card will be sent to Flashers, you will be able to transfer your private key into your OZT card. That way, you can store more than 100 cryptocurrencies, OZTG included.


Flashxchanger Hot wallet

The online wallet on Flashxchanger must be considered as Hot Wallet. You can use it to trade, exchange, buy and sell your OZTG, but the most secure place for your OZTG coins will remain the Ozeety Core Wallet.

The Flashxchanger online wallet is also very secure and will not be vulnerable to hacks, due to our cold storage policy.


Hot and Cold storage is the best strategy

So now you understand that the best strategy is to have OZTG stored on both Cold and Hot Wallet. It’s like a bank where you can store your gold bars safely into the bank (cold storage), but use the credit card and the debit/current account to cash out your money (Hot Wallet).


Masternode rewards for our community

The development team decided to work on Dash mainframe, in order to bring to validators the possibility to own a node of the OZEETY network. Not so many blockchains are proposing that, so we decide to do it for our community. The block reward for each is indicated HERE

You will find HERE a tutorial for those willing to set up a Masternode.


Follow the Ozeety Github repository to setup your Masternode.
Buy your 10 000 OZTG($1370*) collateral Here before the official trades kickstart and start to earn OZTG Rewards!!!
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